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A Hearty Welcome To All!


The last several years have been wrought with enormous trials and tribulations on a global scale. I need not dwell on that here. But we endure. It is in our nature .... our very DNA. As a creative artist I have experienced a very personal sense of renewal and an impassioned drive to reach out with my music and lyrics. To “be the balm”, as best I can, to help soothe a troubled world. Every little bit helps. To bring a smile, help ease someone’s pain, share this sense of renewal. Pay it forward.


As we move into 2023 and beyond, my musical aspirations and goals have expanded. New ideas, visions and my pursuit of musical excellence and success never diminish. With 55 years behind me as a performing musician and as composer/lyricist for numerous original projects behind me, I continue to ask the Universe to bring me guidance through intuition (and hard work) to become a better guitarist, composer, entrepreneur and ... Being!


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